Natural Health Consultation

Natural Health Consultation- Focused on Your Health Concerns

A Natural Health consultation is for you if you:

  • Want to add support and symptom relief naturally, even when taking prescription medications?
  • Want to use natural vitamins, minerals, remedies, or supports but aren’t sure? what to choose
  • Don’t know if what you are currently using is correct or helping?

Two simple options to choose from:

Email Consultation- regarding a specific symptom or concern

  1. Share your symptoms related to an ailment or health concern by answering my health questionnaire.
  2. Receive a personalized email response supporting you lifestyle, clean living, and natural support/remedies recommendations tailored to you!

Holistic Health Coaching:

  1. Initial comprehensive intake- We will cover your nutrition, water, food, movement, sleep, stress, mood, bowels, female cycles/menopause, medications, supplements, medical history, health concerns, and symptoms and conduct non-invasive testing.
  2. Customized Plan- Based on your results, you will receive a customized holistic plan to make significant health gains.
  3. Personal Coaching- I coach you through your customized plan at your pace, making it easy to improve your health and well-being in areas of need. We will meet through Facetime, Zoom, or in person.