Hello, and welcome! I’m Mirinda, your Clean Living Consultant!

My passion is sharing safer switches you can make in all areas of life to improve your family’s health now and long term!  Using all I’ve learned healing from my own health struggles and my knowledge as a certified natural health practitioner (CNHP), allow me to share my experiences and research to help you live a safer, healthier life.


Why would a frugal mom of three, 51-year-old art teacher throw away all her makeup, skincare, hair products, sunscreen, soaps, cleaning products, cookware, mattress, and rip out the walls to her art studio/classroom? My answer is:

Safe Is Less Expensive Than Sick

I became very ill with many physical symptoms and fought to get well for three long years. I could only work minimally during those three years, and I spent so much on health care costs. All while spending so much time and money swapping out my home, skincare, body care, and cosmetics often to find out later I’d wasted my money because the switch I’d made wasn’t that much safer after all.

I am well now, and I want to keep you from wasting your money on “greenwashing” as I did.  I  know what we put on our skin, what we cook on, what we clean with, what we are around in our daily lives make a difference in how we feel, and our potential to develop a long list of symptoms and diseases.

I found Beauty Counter to be the safest while still a high-performing solution for my skincare, body care, deodorant, sunblock, and hair care!

I also found safer alternatives for ALL OTHER AREAS in my life that I will share with you. I want to help you be well and stay well! What products would you like me to help you switch to safer alternatives? 

I want to offer you a "Safer Solution! "