Book Review: Loving What Is by Byron Katie

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“It’s not the problem that causes our suffering; it’s our thinking about the problem.”

– Byron Katie in “Loving What Is”

I truly believe for us to be well, what we think is even more important than what we consume and put on our bodies. I love to post quotes that resonate with me from my favorite books!
This quote is from a book I’m currently reading and loving, “Loving What Is” by Bryon Katie.
🙌We all experience hardship, challenges, and adversity in life. It is ultimately what we think about these struggles that determines whether we will sink or move on triumphantly
❓When we question our thoughts about a problem, we usually either find that the problem is actually an illusion or an opportunity or that the solution is right under our noses.
🧠This shift can help ease many of your burdens and lessen many of your worries.
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